BlueTube - The Bossmaker: How you should prepare for the Great Awakening NOW

Editorial note: During last week there were two international experts in geopolitics in the Netherlands from very different backgrounds. We decided to invite them both in our Blue Tiger Studio and were happy they accepted our invitation. First we hosted a talkshow with Prof. David Engels (from Belgium and Poland) and Geopolitical philosopher Tom Zwitser on geopolitical chances for Europe in its great game with the America's, China, Russia and India. But there was also a top Q-expert: Martin Geddes from England. The Q movement or Great Awakening is very huge and has an audience in the Netherlands as well. So we decided to invite him as well, having a unique chance to speak with an inside expert and see what's Q all about: ________ BOSSMAKER: Now is the time that forward looking leaders should begin to prepare for the unprecedented global paradigm shift that has implications for every person and every commercial enterprise. The global Great Awakening forces leaders to prepare on geopolitical, corporate and individual level. This is the time to take pro active steps to manage the series of events that will rock your world. Whether you are an existing business owner or starting your career in an organisation: you need to prepare now and you need to do it fast. There is ample evidence of this being very real and serious situation and to ignore it is irresponsible. Bossmakers Ronald Heister (top Marketing & PR strategist) and Martin Geddes, (the worlds number 1 Great Awaking analyst), explain how to strive and thrive through the Great Awakening so you can trust YOUR plan. For yourself, your family and your business. We are in the midst of a “trust apocalypse”: those who you were taught were most worthy of trust will repeatedly be proven to have betrayed it. Conversely, you will discover who the truly trustworthy are, as the lies and scams are exposed. These events are going to be a shock to most of the public, who have been lulled into complacency by a media conspiracy of silence. They will be scared and confused, since they will not know whom to trust, how bad the situation has been, or whether it is sufficiently contained. TRUST YOUR PLAN Website:​ E-mail: ________ Please support our Blue Tiger Studio, which is entirely dependent from your generosity! IBAN NL76INGB0000592971 paypal: